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Auditory Processing is a type of processing disorder. Depending on where the breakdown is within the central nervous system will determine what type of auditory processing disorder your child may have which is determined by an audiologist specializing in auditory processing disorders. To clarify, the ears are receptors which takes in auditory information. The brainstem allows the auditory, visual and motor systems to work together.  That information then travels to the various parts of the brain that is responsible for recognizing the tone of the message, decode it clearly, remember the sequence of the information and leads to understanding language. If there are auditory deficits at the peripheral, brainstem, or cortical levels, the ability to process what is heard is impaired.  Because auditory must also work with other sensory systems it is very rare that an auditory processing deficit exists alone.  It is generally part of a larger picture, a Sensory Processing Disorder. Click Here to read the research published in the "ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practioners" a professional magazine, which includes the use of sound therapy as part of the sensory integration therapy.
To learn more about the iLs (Interactive Listening System) click here.
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