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Co-owners, NY State Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapists, Paula Stewart and Christine Grant are the founders and executive directors of OT For Kidz.  They have been servicing Queens and Brooklyn since 1997. They are both approved by the NY State Department of Health to provide early intervention services for children birth to three and are also approved providers under the NY City Department of Education (DOE) to provide services for pre-schoolers and school age children. In addition, OT For Kidz has been granted a contract with the NYC Department of Education to provide OT services and has the level of a Tertiary to provide services!
Bio: Paula and Christine are SIPT certified clinicians which is an advanced national certification in the evaluation and treatment of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), a brain-based approach, and has been practicing clinicians using this approach for many years. Both have been trained in treating auditory processing deficits (usually part of a greater sensory processing disorder) using ils (Interactive Listening Systems), IM (Interactive Metronome) or the Therapeutic Listening Program.  Paula and Christine incorporate their training in Reflex Integration, Therapeutic Handling & Massage and Oculo-motor/functional vision along with many other strategies.  They also utilize the Handwriting Without Tears program integrated with other handwriting strategies which are used for preschoolers to school-aged children.  In addition, both Paula and Christine have experience in the collaboration of nutritional strategies with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.
Paula and Christine have over 20 years of clinical experience and has worked with children of various ages from various backgrounds and abilities. They have provided consultations, assessments and on-going therapy in general educational settings, special needs early intervention and preschools programs, within the child's home, sensory integration camp for children with special needs and in multi-disciplinary teams in the community. Both have worked in collaboration with ABA and Miller specialists integrating the sensory integration approach.  Additionally, Paula and Christine enjoy teaching and providing professional continuing education courses to other professionals which includes other occupational therapists and assistants, special educators, physical therapists and assistants, psychologists, pediatricians, etc. 

Paula also works as an adjunct professor at a Masters level OT program and provides multiple professional training workshops throughout the year.  She received an award from the NYS Black Occupational Therapist Caucus for her many years of dedicated services.  Christine has also received multiple awards for her recognition of community services from the Caribbean-American Outreach Association (USA) as well as awards of recognition from the New York City Council, Congresswoman Yvette Clark and from the New York State Assembly in 2017.


We conduct standard evaluations based on standardized testing.  We also conduct sensory-motor evaluations that are based upon standardized testing as well as various functional neuro-based assessments.  The inclusion of clinical observation, clinical reasoning and clinical opinion are always part of the evaluation process as well as parent interview and parent education. The Sensory-Motor Evaluations are based on the understanding that sensory information is processed at various levels of the nervous system from the lower part of the brain (the brainstem) to the top (the cortex and level of higher skills). This processing ability determines how well a child is able to modulate, regulate & discriminate which means that it influences behavior as well as the quality of skills.

We offer:
  • Free Infant Screening (birth - 12 months)
  • Comprehensive Consultations
  • Evaluation for Early Intervention (0-3 years old),  CPSE (3-5 years old) and school-Age (5-14 years old).  
  • Standard OT Evaluations focusing on fine motor skills (i.e. grasping/hand, visual motor, visual perceptual, motor coordination) and/or "general" sensory processing issues. (For ages birth -14 year old)
  • Sensory-Motor Evaluations are a more detailed sensory-based evaluation. Standardized assessments are utilized but also multiple functional neuro-based assessments are conducted to determine a specific type(s) of sensory processing disorder that may be influencing sensory-based behaviors (i.e. self regulation/modulation) but also sensory processing disorders influencing quality of skills (i.e. handwriting, motor coordination, etc).(For ages 4-14 years old)


The ability to integrate our senses are the building blocks needed to acquire functional social, motor, language and academic skills and therefore children lacking efficient skills in these area may benefit from sensory integration therapy. 

We offer:
  • Treatment for babies up to 12 years old (Yes we accept RSAs! )
  • Treatment strategies that are catered to each child's needs. We believe in "focus" therapy which means focusing on the part of the nervous system which exhibits the initial place of a processing breakdown.  This is because we use a bottom-up approach (brainstem to cortex). The majority of how the brain functions is from bottom to top! Therapy may include multiple sensory-based strategies, use of auditory processing/sound therapies (i.e. iLs, interactive metronome, neuronet, therapeutic listening) as well as many other strategies.  
  • Therapy which may include developing visual motor, visual perceptual, motor coordination, handwriting and other fine motor skills. It may include improving focus, level of distractibility, level of impulsivity, improved processing skills in various areas, etc.  Again, this depends on the needs of the child.

Other Programs

  • We offer Handwriting programsThese are 6-week programs from children at various handwriting levels from the preschooler to the school age child. Free screening is available! 
  • We offer Social Group Programs: This program is designed for the child who can benefit from a small social group.  Children are involved in group exercise, group dance, game night, movie night, etc.  Some children live a routine of school, home, and therapy.  Kids need fun too in a social setting! They need opportunity to carry over skills learned in therapy in a supportive environment.  Free screening available! 
  • Some children may benefit from an Intensive Therapy program.  An "Intensive" is designed to get quicker results in a shorter time frame.  This is done by giving the nervous system sensory input with greater intensity, duration and frequency with the purpose of improving interaction, engagement with purpose and focus skills. OT For Kidz offers this privately throughout the year.  A typical intensive involves the child receiving sensory-motor activities along with other strategies and activities 3-4 sessions a week for 1.5-2.5 hours a day for 3 weeks.  An Intensive is also provided through our "Kidz In Motion" Programa 5-day summer program in the context of a "camp-like" experience.  The child is provided with intense input for 5 full days, 7 hours a day.  They are involved in various unconventional sensory-based activities (i.e. therapeutic horse-riding, therapy in the pool, etc). There is a 1:1 or 2:1 child-counselor ratio. This is one of our most intense programs offered right before school. Yes...a brain-boot camp.. Spaces are very limited.

Professional and Parent Training

  • Professional Workshops and Seminars are provided to OTs, COTAs and other clinical and educational professionals.
  • Free Parent Workshops are offered periodically
  • If your child is already receiving services from a pediatric speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, or another health care professional, we are available for them.  We welcome them to schedule a visit at the center or a phone meeting as we offer collaborative consultations with any member of your child's interdisciplinary team.

What Else?

Paula and Christine works and collaborates with a network of experienced and dedicated clinicians.·We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you high quality service.  Click here to see what other parents think about OT For Kidz!  

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Contact us today for an appointment or a tour at 
(718) 949-KIDZ (5439) 

Days of Operation
  Tuesday 2:30-7:30 pm
Thursday 2:30-7:30 pm
 Friday      2:30-7:30 pm 
 Saturday 12:00-4:00 pm 

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