"Everyone from teachers and immediate family to friends and acquaintances noticed a rapid improvement in his overall behavior since coming to OT For Kidz. Last year, there was some concern that he would not be able to keep up with his kindergarten class.  Not only is he keeping up, but he is excelling!  His pre-K teachers from last year can't believe the change.  I credit OT For Kidz and their summer OT camp for A...'s rapid improvement.  He loves coming to OT and I love seeing him blossom more and more after each session"

"I am a mom of a child with Autism and severe sensory processing disorder.  I have been looking for an OT with specializing in sensory integration therapy for a long time but no success.  Finally, I was recommended by my friend about Occupational Therapy For Kidz.  I have been very pleased with the progress my daughter has made while receiving OT from the center.  My daughter enjoys the sensory gyms and fine motor rooms to make the therapy more fun while receiving the effective treatment.  In addition, the staff here is very friendly and understanding and the therapists are truly amazing.  They explain my daughter's deficit and recommend the carry over SI activities I can do at home.  I feel blessed to have found Occupational Therapy For Kidz.  Thank you."

"I'm a mom that was looking for additional OT services for my son.  I could not get him to write, color and concentrate to complete task.  I researched the Internet and found OT therapy for kidz....OT therapy for kidz provide great services.  The staff is friendly. The quality of service is superb. My only regret is that I did not find this place sooner.  They are very knowledgeable, professional and caring.  It's one of the best places that I have taken my son through our journey.  I took their evaluation report to my son's school therapists and they too were impressed and raved about the report.  The thoroughness of their evaluation, helped the school to further addressed my son's needs."

"My son's challenge was Sensory Processing Disorder.  (......) worked very hard to provide my son with the best Sensory Integration Therapy to assist him in everyday life activities that allowed him to participate in school, community and extracurricular activities.  My son looked forward to his sessions...She went above and beyond to help my son...."

"My son has been attending OT For Kidz since (.....).  Since then, he has progressed in all areas of OT, PT and Speech having understanding that he needed much work with his sensory processing skills.  He continues to push himself with new experiences and has become comfortable in exploring new environments.  As he becomes older, I only expect more of what he will do understanding what he has and knowing what works for him and not being ashamed or embarrassed of who he is." 

"My story with this facility is a very special one.  Our first year here, we didn't know what to expect, but after a few months, C... enjoyed coming here and fell in love with his therapist (...).  He will pass by the building and constantly ask for her.  After the summer break we didn't know if we could return....but because he loved coming here, I fought the district...and asked him to return.  He was very happy come back to his OT family here at OT For Kidz". 

                                                                                                                                     - S.H.

When my daughter started OT For Kidz she was not able to hold a pencil properly, now she is able to write paragraphs on her own.  Also, her memory has drastically improved.  She is able to recite books that she read or anything that happen.

"I can definitely say that my son progressed in many ways since he started attending OT For Kidz.  The therapy he received benefited him not only at home, but also at school.  Even though he has some ways to go, I find that he is less impulsive and more focused.  He is socializing and communicating more with his peers.  His fine motor skills has improved tremendously.  I will certainly have my son continue his therapy at OT for Kidz and recommend them to any parent of children who is looking for ....services.

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