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About Us

Co-owners, NY State Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapists, Dr. Paula Stewart and Dr.  Christine Grant are the founders and executive directors of OT For Kidz. They have been servicing Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island since 1997. They are both approved by the NY State Department of Health to provide early intervention services for children birth to three and are approved providers under the NY City Department of Education (DOE) to provide services for pre-school and school-age children.

In addition, OT For Kidz has been granted a contract with the NYC Department of Education  and has the level of a Tertiary to provide services free of charge for parents with a DOE approval! Therefore, YES,  school-aged children with "RSAs" and preschool children with DOE authorization contracts are welcomed!

What Else?

We collaborate with a network of professionals and a team of experienced and dedicated OT clinicians. We believe in working in partnership with families and your child's interdisciplinary team. 

OT For Kidz welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you high quality service!


Bio: Dr. Paula and Dr.  Christine both earned their doctorate of occupational therapy.  They are SIPT certified clinicians which is an advanced national certification in the evaluation and treatment of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD), a brain-based approach that's grounded in the concept of neuroplasticity.  They have been practicing clinicians using this approach for over 2 decades.  Paula and Christine incorporate their knowledge in Neurodiversity, Sensory processing, Reflex Integration, Therapeutic Handling & Massage and Oculo-motor/functional vision, general auditory processing  along with many other strategies such as listening therapy programs (iLs-Interactive Listening Systems, IM-Interactive Metronome and the Therapeutic Listening Program.  They also utilize the Handwriting Without Tears program integrated with other handwriting strategies which are used for preschool  and school-aged children struggling in handwriting.  

What Else?

Dr. Paula and Dr. Christine have worked  extensively with children with  multiple types of Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder, Learning Disability,  Genetic disorders and other developmental disorders.  They both  have experience in the collaboration of nutritional strategies used with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Community and Awards

Along with their strong passion in working with children, Dr. Paula and Dr. Christine believe in educating others and have a high dedication in community service. Dr. Paula works as an adjunct professor at a Masters level OT program in NY.  She provides multiple professional education workshops throughout the year and believes in mentoring other clinicians and educators.  She received an award from the NY State Black Occupational Therapist Caucus in recognition for her many years of dedicated services in 2006. She was the recipient of the Merit Award for Practice from the New York State Occupational Therapy Association (NYSOTA) in 2019 and also received the Ellen Sterns-Paquin Clinical Practice Memorial Award in 2021.  

Dr. Christine works as an adjunct professor at a Masters level OT program in NY.  She also partakes in providing professional training and workshops. She has guest lectured in multiple collegiate institutions and has mentored other clinicians and educators in pediatric intervention.  Dr. Christine has received multiple awards for recognition of community services from the Caribbean-American Outreach Association (USA) as well as awards of recognition from the New York City Council, Congresswoman Yvette Clark and from the New York State Assembly in 2017.  

What Else?

Over the years, both Dr. Paula and Dr. Christine have taken part in Autism Walk, Asthma Walk, Cancer Walk, Career Day events, Health Fairs, Mentoring, Free parent workshops, Professional round-table discussions amongst other events.


Paula and Christine each have over 25 years of clinical experience and has worked with children of various ages from various backgrounds and abilities. They have provided consultations, assessments and on-going therapy in general educational settings, special needs early intervention programs, general education and special needs preschools programs, within the child's home, sensory integration camp for children with special needs and in multi-disciplinary teams in the community.  Both have worked in collaboration with ABA and Miller specialists integrating the sensory integration approach. 

Our Environment

OT for Kidz is a friendly and professional facility composed of multiple state-of-the-art sensory gyms that are therapeutically designed to treat different types of sensory processing disorders, develop fine motor skills, and enhance functional abilities for children of different ages (birth-12 years old). Our gyms and fine motor areas were established for the purpose of making therapy effective as well as fun. Here at OT For Kidz children think they are playing, which is an integral part of providing therapy.


Tuesday - Friday 2:30-8:00 pm

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