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Parent Information and Registration
This program shall resume in 2025 unless otherwise stated 

KIDZ IN MOTION- where kids can be kidz! Our 5 full days therapeutic summer program combines an exciting "camp-like" environment with an INTENSIVE sensory integration treatment approach for children ages 4-11 with special needs. Children participate in a broad range of fun-filled activities designed to have a therapeutic benefit. This is combined with occupational therapy utilizing the sensory integration theory and various other neurobehavioral strategies accessing brain plasticity! The "Intensive" model is used to facilitate quicker therapeutic results in a shorter period of time. This program takes place right before school (what we consider a School Prep Brain-Booster)!


DATE: TBA for 2025

TIME: 8:00-3:30 pmTO


(Registration is only finalized with a COMPLETED application packet, Free screening and FULL payment)




This program was developed, organized and coordinated by the founders of OT For Kidz, occupational therapists, Dr. Paula Stewart and rDr. Christine Grant who each have over 27 years of clinical experience in working with children.  Our "mission" is to provide a treatment environment in the context of a fun filled "camp-like" experience.


Although this is a group program, each child's program is created to fit their individual goals.  Each child is paired with a counselor either on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio.

Counselor's background may vary from occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistant, speech therapist, physical therapist, teacher, psychologist, social worker and/or college students in any of these fields or a related field.


Seats are very limited to a small group and within an environment that is safe, nurturing, socially and emotionally supportive to help children meet challenges.  The parents receive daily updates throughout the week. 

Scroll down to read testimonials from parents!


At no cost to the parent, each child gets screened to see if they meet the criteria for the program.  Most common diagnosis for "campers" include mild to moderate sensory processing disorders which may or may not be in conjunction with other diagnoses such as Developmental Delay, ADHD, Learning Disability, Speech/Language Disability, Autism


Therapeutic Horse Riding 

Aquatic Activities

Bounce House Fun

Brain Games/Activities

Cognitive Skills Development                

Motor Skills Development

Social Skills Building

Group Activities

Individual Activities

SOOOO Much More!


Drop Off and Pick Up Location:

Occupational Therapy For Kidz

219-02 Linden Blvd

Cambria Heights, NY 11411

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Parent Testimonials

"My daughter's speech therapist says she should come to OT every day!"

"On the first day of school, my son's teacher wanted to know what did I do with him over the summer. He came back such a different child!"

"My son seems so calm at home. Not sleepy...but alert, calm and more focused"

"Can you do this program all year around?"

"My son has been coming to Kidz In Motion summer camp since it started.  Every year,  I watch my son develop skills that helps him in all areas of life.  My son has learned and overcome several challenges, while enjoying every moment of OT For Kidz.  We look forward to coming every year.

"As far as I am concerned, OT for Kidz has been life changing for my son and our entire family.  I have witnessed my son blossom and really develop as an individual.  I feel much more secure regarding my son's future since he has been working with the talented therapists at OT for Kidz.  His instructors at school, friends, neighbors and family have all noticed a difference in how responsive and engaged he has become.  I am so happy to have found Paula and Christine and all of the talented and caring people at OT For Kidz! Thank you!!!"

"We have seen such an improvement in ______'s communication skills.  He has expressed himself with words and sentences that we had not heard him use before. We are excited for him and eager to continue therapy with OT For Kidz!! Thank you to all of you and Kidz In Motion Camp was the BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE!! The investment paid off in the short 5 days of camp. JOB WELL DONE _________! For overcoming your FEARS! Thanks ladies! What a fantastic TEAM!

"My twins had the best time!!! It was so nice for my boys to be able to go to a camp and do fun things like other kids, but yet be getting a ton of OT.  On the first day my son was able to say unprompted the name of his horse and what color.  Paula and Christine and the entire team that worked with us have been amazing.  My boys could not wait to go to camp everyday"

"My child actually made a friend!"

"I'm seeing amazing changes this school year in my son since being in the Kidz in Motion Program!" 

"My son had just turned 4 years old and I was concerned that he wasn't really talking and he didn't respond to his name when I called him.  After the program, he never talked so much! He's looking at me and others and just seem like a different child.  It is 3 months later and he is still talking about this program.  He will be there again next year!

"This program is awesome.  For the first time, my son was able to tell me where he wanted to go and why.  He maintained the skills he gained in the program.  I only wish, this program was more than once a year."

"Kidz In Motion" 

Sensory Integration

Intensive Therapeutic Program

We hope that our online payment service will be helpful and more convenient to many of our families. Please note that all online payment services include a 3% Paypal fee. You do not need a Paypal account to use this option. The option to pay in person or through Zelle (using our email address/co-owner: Paula Stewart) is still available. 

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