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Workshops - Testimonials 

Sensory Integration 5-day Intensive Training/Kidz in Motion

"I work with children on the spectrum and has gone to other workshops on sensory integration but none of them were anywhere near this type of training. I have much more understanding of the types of sensory deficits. It's great when you actually see them in the children all in one space and see how the different strategies really do work. Christine and Paula were so knowledgeable and made the training effective as well as fun. They pushed my critical thinking skills based on what is taught in this workshop. I would recommend this course to any discipline working with children."



"This training is so much more of what I expected it to be. Not only did I see so much change in the child that I worked with, but all the other children. I will be back next year!"



"This is really an amazing program. I can't wait to go back to work to implement many of the strategies that I learned."



"As a speech therapist, I never really understood sensory issues and how it can impact language skills until now. My OT colleague encouraged me to attend this training with him. I was concerned that the training was for 5 days but this training was well worth the time. The cost was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend this workshop!"



I learned so much and I loved working with the kids. The parents' reactions to their children progress was priceless. I have decided to add on to my career and pursue my career in OT. Thank you Kidz In Motion.



"The program is very intense and I would do it all over again.  See you next year!"


"It was amazing seeing how the children improved from day to day.  I loved hearing the parent's comments about how they see changes with their children at home.  I recommend this training to anyone who really wants to know how sensory integration can impact a child's growth in such a short period of time"


"This have to be one of the best workshops I've ever attended! The instructors were very informative and supportive throughout the day.  The workshop was organized, fun and dynamic although it is intense.  In addition, the cost for such a training is extremely reasonable"


"I wanted to be more confident in working with children.  A friend of mine told me about this training and I'm glad I took it!  It was great to work one on one with a child but you also get to interact with the other children and the other counselors who are also occupational therapists, speech therapist, social worker, etc.  It was really an awesome experience.  I highly recommend this training"



Pediatric OT Evaluation and Documentation (Part I and II) Workshops

- "Presenter was very engaging & helpful! She kindly and effectively answered all questions in a manner that made the audience feel comfortable when inquiring. She was very knowledgeable & kept the workshop dynamic & interesting"


- "I truly enjoyed the workshop and I feel I can conduct a pediatric (1-3 year old) evaluation now. I feel more confident"


- "This is a great workshop. I would recommend it to new grads and other therapist who are considering working with the pediatric population"


- "Very thorough and willing to take time so everyone understands material. Great handouts and very organized"


- "This was a wonderful 2-day workshop course, it really enhanced my knowledge and appreciation for the role of OT in EI/younger children"


- "It was an awesome workshop I ever attended...."

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