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Why Us?

We are a comprehensive private sensory-based pediatric occupational therapy facility that takes pride in our commitment to helping children and their families with disabilities (we prefer "differently able").  We understand the role of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in rewiring the brain for learning new skills. Working with a neurodiverse population has led us to work with many amazing and unique children!  Our most common diagnoses are Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delay, Sensory Processing Disorders, and Learning Disorders. Sometimes a child may not have yet been given a diagnosis. Here at OT for Kidz, children can be seen as early as infancy. We provide therapeutic services that help improve various developmental issues so that children can thrive physically, socially-emotionally, and academically as we use a brain-based analytical approach for evaluation and treatment.  

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We are dedicated to understanding the brain's functions and their effects on a child’s motor, behavior, learning abilities, and overall development.   We are trained to understand the brain and how it works through the operations of neuroplasticity.  So, when we evaluate or provide intervention for a child,  who is struggling in school, home, or community, our focus is to understand how that child’s brain is functionally working and how it’s affecting his or her functional development and ability to participate in their "occupations" (i.e., Play, Education, Social interaction, Leisure,  ADLs, etc.) in various environments (home, school, community). We use a series of functional neuro-developmental strategies to evaluate your child, as well as use standardized testing tools.  We believe in using a client-centered and family-centered approach!

Our model for evaluation and treatment follows the basic understanding that it's the brain that controls what one can and cannot do, that the brain is plastic which means there is potential to change, and that the majority of how the brain develops is from the bottom (brainstem) to the top of the brain (cortex).  Therefore, we use a bottom-to-top approach in our evaluation and treatment, focusing on the initial level of the central nervous system in which there is a processing breakdown occurring and ultimately impacting your child's functional developmental skills.  The goal is to maximize the child's functional potential, and the partnership that is developed with the parent is a crucial part of their child's intervention.  The parents are part of the Team!

What Else?

The ability for sensory information to efficiently travel (get processed) through the central nervous is essential and necessary as this process affects the development of all skills (motor, language, social, cognitive). Using a "bottom to top" approach along with gathering information on the client's developmental history enables us to develop the most effective treatment and recommendations for the child. Parent education is a crucial component and they are expected to be part of the team.  Because of our model of how we conduct evaluations, provide treatment, and how it make a difference, a high percentage of our clients are from referrals which is our ultimate compliment! Click here for parent testimonials!!

Our multiple state-of-the-art sensory gyms are therapeutically designed to treat different types of sensory processing disorders for different ages (birth-12 years old). Our gyms and fine motor areas were established for the purpose of making therapy effective as well as fun as "Play" is a child's occupation that facilitates their learning and development!  Here at OT For Kidz, children think they are playing which is an integral part of providing a sensory-enriched experience and with the expertise of our clinicians, children are provided with "appropriate" strategies with the "just-right" challenge for your child. 


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