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The Kidz in Motion 
Sensory Integration Intensive 5-day Training Program 
For Therapists, Educators, and Other Participants


This 5-day training combines an exciting "camp-like" environment with an "INTENSIVE" sensory integration treatment approach for children ages 4-15 with special needs. Changing the nervous system at a quicker pace requires increased frequency, duration and intensity of sensory input! Counselors facilitate children to participate in a broad range of activities designed to have a therapeutic benefit. This is combined with occupational therapy utilizing the sensory integration theory and strategies with the underlying understanding of the plasticity of the brain. A limited number of participants who are interested will have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning using many dynamic strategies for working with children with special needs.  This includes but not limited to therapeutic horse-riding, aquatic therapy, reflex integration, therapeutic massage, auditory and visual processing intervention and so much more.  Hands-on learning time combined with formal learning time together average 8 hours per day. Participants who are Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants will be eligible to receive 41 contact hours, other clinicians 41 contact hours (must check with your national organization) and non-professionals 41 volunteer hours. Learning activities will include opportunities for both formal (lectures) and practical experiences.


The children most common diagnosis are mild to moderate sensory processing disorders which may or may not be accompanied with Autism , ADHD, Learning Disorder, Speech and language Disorder,  Developmental Delay and/or other developmental disorders. The goal of the program is to improve deficits associated with these disorders  that may be impacting their focus, learning ability, motor skills and/or social skills.  All children are ambulatory and toilet trained.  Participants will be able to work hands-on with the children.  Each participant will be presented with opportunities to enhance their professional development and skills within the framework of the child's goals and the mission of Kidz in Motion.  Our Mission is to provide a treatment environment in the context of a fun filled "camp-like" experience. The daily regime consists of facilitating various structured sensory-based activities which will take place on-site at OT For Kidz as well as off-site. 


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Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and demonstrate administering at least 1 standardized tool, BOT-2, through hands-on practical

2. Identify various sensory-based methods and strategies that may be used with children with special needs such as SPD, ASD, ADHD, LD and DD

3. Identify and differentiate between deficits in sensory processing affecting children's functional skills

4. Identify how to integrate sensory integrative concepts into a treatment protocol for children such a w/ SPD, ASD, ADHD, LD, DD

5. Identify and List supportive strategies that may be used in your treatment and/or curriculum regime  

6. Identify and list the differences between an intensive and standard sensory integration intervention


Participants learning experiences will be facilitated by Dr. Paula Stewart, PP-OTD, OTR/L and Dr. Christine Grant, PP-OTD, OTR/L who are also the founders of OT For Kidz. Both Dr. Paula and Dr, Christine are occupational therapists with each having over 27 years of clinical experiences. They are SIPT certified clinicians which is an advanced national certification in the evaluation and treatment of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD). Both have been trained in treating auditory processing deficits (usually part of a greater sensory processing disorder) using iLs (Interactive Listening Systems), IM (Interactive Metronome) or the Therapeutic Listening Program. They incorporate their training in Reflex Integration, Therapeutic Handling & Massage and Oculo-motor/functional vision along with many other strategies into their treatment sessions and these will also be integrated into the Kidz in Motion program. 

5 FULL days of Hands-On Sensory Integration Training

DATE:  Monday-Friday EXPECTED DATE IN 2025

TIME: 7:30-4:30 pm

Orientation: Saturday August 2025 (1 pm - 4 pm) TBA

Location: OT For Kidz, 219-02 Linden Blvd, Cambria Heights Queens NY 11411

Previous Counselors: ONLY $200 (mail-in only OR ZELLE)

Early Bird Rate: $500 / Regular Rate: $575

Group Rate: $25 discount (mail-in or Zelle payment) / additional 3% for any online payment

College Student/Volunteer (non-professional) Rate: Free

ALL participants must meet the criteria listed on the application!

CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION (not available at this time)

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Office: 718-949-5439    *    Paula Stewart: 646-302-6709      *   Christine Grant: 917-478-7388





TIME: 1-4 PM

Professional Testimonials - Kidz In Motion

"I work with children on the spectrum and has gone to other workshops on sensory integration but none of them were anywhere near this type of training. I have much more understanding of the types of sensory deficits. It's great when you actually see them in the children all in one space and see how the different strategies really do work. Christine and Paula were so knowledgeable and made the training effective as well as fun. They pushed my critical thinking skills based on what is taught in this workshop. I would recommend this course to any discipline working with children."



"This training is so much more of what I expected it to be.  Not only did I see so much change in the child that I worked with, but all the other children.  I will be back next year!"



"This is really an amazing program.  I can't wait to go back to work to implement many of the strategies that I learned."



"As a speech therapist, I never really understood sensory issues and how it can impact language skills until now.  My OT colleague encouraged me to attend this training with him. I was concerned that the training was for 5 days but this training was well worth the time.  The cost was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend this workshop!"



I learned so much and I loved working with the kids.  The parents' reactions to  their children progress was priceless. I have decided to add on to my career and pursue my career in OT.  Thank you Kidz In Motion.


- OT Renewing License : "....During each triennial registration period an applicant for registration as an occupational therapist shall complete a minimum of thirty-six hours of learning activities which contribute to continuing competence as specified in subdivision four of this section, provided further that at least twenty-four hours shall be in areas of study pertinent to the scope of practice of occupational therapy...".

- OTA Renewing License: "....During each triennial registration period an applicant for registration as an occupational therapy assistant shall complete a minimum of thirty-six hours of learning activities which contribute to continuing competence as specified in subdivision four of this section, provided further that at least twenty-four hours shall be in recognized areas of study pertinent to the licensee's professional scope of practice of occupational therapy..."

- "... Such learning activities shall include, but not be limited to, collegiate level credit and non-credit courses, self-study activities, independent study, formal mentoring activities, publications in professional journals, professional development programs and technical sessions; such learning activities may be offered and sponsored by national, state and local professional associations and other organizations or parties acceptable to the department, and any other organized educational and technical learning activities acceptable to the department.

- Participants will receive certificate of completion reflecting hours of participation & completion of evaluation survey. Classification Code 1-OT Domain and 2-OT Process].AOTA Classification Codes: Category 1: Areas of Occupation (i.e.Performance Skills)Category 2: Occupational Process (i.e. Evaluation, Intervention and Outcomes)Category 3: Occupational Education (i.e. Educational Outcomes)To review the AOTA classification codes for continuing education activities go to

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